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  Whispering into a StenoMask is Beautiful!"



                                    Snippit is a recording utility that records a snippit or a full length audio from your computer.  If you're listening to audio,

                                    whether just a word or a full length song, a hearing, deposition, or maybe you just have a line of a song you want to record,

                                    simply click start where you want to begin recording, then stop when you want to stop recording so you only get the desired

                                    snippit.  Right click on the desired audio on Snippit, click email, and off it goes.  No editing, no fussing, just what you desire

                                    to be recorded.  No graphics, cropping, editing to mess with.  Snippit also plays continuous, so if you record many songs,

                                    you click continuous and Snippit will play one song after another. 

                                   Anything your computer plays, Snippit can snippit and even be emailed.  


                               Having a hard time understanding a word, Snippit and email it off.




           Third Party Email Program such as Thunderbird Suggested

     Price:  $40