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"Whispering into a StenoMask is Beautiful!"


Quality and Support You Can Count On!
"Xtreme Real-Time"
Experience Xtreme with a
Whisper and a Mask


Real-time without the outrageous price!

VocEdit prides itself on developing the highest quality software at affordable prices





Xtreme Features:

                                  •   Records 1 to 4 channels
                                  •   Notes Enter Primary System
                                  •   Notes Linked with Audio
                                  •   Notes Enter Player Linked
                                  •   Exports to Word or WordPerfect
                                  •   Set Font and Size
                                  •   Time Stamp Document
                                  •   Time Stamp Notes
                                  •   Page and Line Display
                                  •   Unlimited database Formatting
                                  •   Unlimited Profile Selections
                                  •   Playback Mask or Live
                                  •   Train within Xtreme
                                  •   Playback Notes or Text
                                  •   Records 1 to 4 channels
                                  •   Red Caret for Locating Cursor Easily
                                  •   Easy to Use and much more!


All VocEdit Software Systems are priced to be affordable.

Why, you may ask?

Because we are court reporters, too.

                                                                       Price: $1600

                                                                                                                                                             Does not include Dragon or peripherals.
                                                                                                                                                         Multi-system and upgrade discounts.