4 Channel Reporter

PDF Extractor

The PDF Extractor was designed and created to save end-users their hard-earned money by keeping the price low and not charging a monthly fee. VocEdit is owned and operated by court reporters just like you.  

PDF Extractor creates all the necessary tasks requested and needed of a transcript production.  

• Condense
• Add multi-word phrases
• Exclude Words
• Footer
• Add exhibits
• Emails Portfolio

Creates HTML
• Merges PDF with Index
• Adds Signature

All features are created by using a PDF file.  No need for an ASCII.



PDF Extractor allows the end-user to change page options for the condensed transcript.  Page Options allows the positioning of the way the condensed appears on the screen. 

Index can be 3 or 4 colums.

HTML allows the client to click on a word in the left column and be directed to where in the transcript that word is printed. 

MERGE feature allows the index to be attached to the index or PDF and continue with the page numbers.

All features are created from a PDF of the transcript.  No need to create an ASCII.