“Whispering into a Mask is Beautiful”

VocEdit began creating and designing software in 1994. Originally, the Reporter System was born with the dream of a few reporters believing there was a better way of recording and also accessing certain parts of a proceeding. All reporters have experienced the stress of performing a read-back or not being able to access particular areas of testimony quickly with analog tapes. There was the belief that digital was the professional method of court reporting. With the ingenious creativity of everyone involved, VocEdit’s Reporter System has grown into more than twenty desperately needed and amazing software packages all to aid the court reporter.

Laptops have many Specifications

Many reporters rather have a small laptop, such as a 10 inch, and many reporters rather have a larger laptop, such as a 17 inch.  Computer hard drives can be HHD (hard disk drive) or SSD (solid-state drive).  Drives can also be partitions into HHD and SSD.  It’s all so confusing for the reporter who just wants to perform their job. VocEdit shares information freely to assist the court reporter’s decision on what may be best for them. We share links of what our research has found and, if the reporter wants to talk about it, we’re here to listen.

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Run Otter when reporting in court, depositions and hearings to simultaneously transcribe.  No Internet?  No problem.  Otter can import your audio and transcribe the text when you’re home in your PJs.  Oh, how I Love Me Some Otter!!!!

Our members and technicians share helpful information on Facebook.  Click on the Facebook image above and become a family member and learn some helpful tips and add some useful tips for others.  Learn more about your software, about Dragon, shortcuts, hotkeys.   VocEdit does not charge for information, tech support, transferring software from one computer to another.  We are reporters, too, and we are here to make your court reporting profession easier and enjoyable.

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