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The Optimal Expander and Formatter

RapidScribe has million-dollar twin features for a comfortable price. The first impressive feature of the program is RapidKeys. RapidKeys expands words,  paragraphs, even pages worth of pre-programmed text with an assigned key on any word processor or notepad.  Databases can also be backed up for portability. No character limit, which means you can create a short phrase to be expanded or something as long as a jury charge and have it perform with just one keystroke.

The second amazing feature is Rapid Format, which allows the assignment of a keystroke to format Q&A, Colloquy, and Parentheticals.

RapidScribe has unlimited databases. For instance, one database could be used for criminal sessions, one for civil sessions, one for probate sessions, depositions, law firms, leaving your imagination wide open for other uses.

• Adjustable Font Sizes
• Indent
• Tab
• Center
• Bold
• Underline

• Returns
• Word
• WordPerfect
• Notepad
• Facebook
•  Saveable Databases